5 More Designer Low-Cost Tips: Upgrades for YOUR Modern Home

You loved it so much I decided to give you more designer tips for your Modern Home.

Designer Tip #1: Fake a headboard

No headboard? No problem. Paint a trompe-l’œil headboard. Use a stencil or carefully measure and frame the space you want to paint, using a pencil or chalk. Then apply two coats of paint and let dry before returning your bed to its position. It’s less expensive than a traditional headboard and takes up zero space, but adds the same richness to a bedroom.

Designer Tip  #2: Swap out a lampshade

Lampshades are easy to pick up at craft stores or big box home improvement stores. Opt for shades with some bold cold or fun pattern, then switch in for your existing ho-hum lampshades. A pro rule of thumb, though—stick to one bold lampshade per room, and keep the rest neutral. This will create a better focal point and keep your space from looking cluttered.

Designer Tip #3: Stack and cluster

Stacks and clusters of same-items instantly draw attention in. Use that to your advantage and stack and cluster books, vases, jars or candles together on a flat surface—think a floating shelf, top of a bookshelf, coffee table or end table. Not only is this a great way to add a visual centerpiece to a room in seconds, but these stacks and clusters instantly show off your unique personality, interests and “collections.”

Designer Tip #4: Add a pop of color

Nothing adds personality to a space like a quick pop of color. As you’re selecting your decor pieces, opt for low-cost, high-impact items like throw pills, clusters of small, colorful vases or candles, or a few bold frames for your gallery wall. Especially in more neutral spaces, these add-ins really stand out and make your room feel fresh and persona.

Designer Tip #5: Upgrade a flea market find

Be creative as you’re exploring flea markets, antique shops, and consignments. Not only can you easily paint or swap out hardware, but it’s easy to use an existing piece for some other purpose—for example, an old chair can easily become a unique nightstand while a small kitchen or dining room table can be split in two to create to end tables.

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