3 Designer Tips: For Modern Minimalism Interior Colors

The modern minimalism interior color design that is characterized by the use of functional furniture and interior objects, geometric shapes and a combination of usually not more than two basic colors.  Check here for more ideas.

Designer Tip #1: For Modern Interior Colors

The bathroom color scheme is created using the game of halftones. The most common choice: white color combined with graphic gray.

Designer Tip #2: For Modern Interior Colors

For kitchens colors Beige and white are the best for walls, which can be advantageously diluted with gray and brown pieces of furniture.

Designer Tip #3 : For Modern Interior colors

The perfect color design of the bedroom involves calm, warm shades. There are combinations of lilac and beige, as well as gray and white. You can put a solid carpet on the floor.

So remember when selecting colors for a modern minimalism interior design that less is more and no more than two basic colors per room. 

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