5 Designer Low-Cost Tips, High-impact Upgrades for YOUR Modern Home

Have a free afternoon? Then you can give your home a serious upgrade with these simple, low-cost projects designed to elevate your space. No matter the desired room, the desired timeline or the desired budget, this roundup has something spot-on that you can accomplish in minutes. And the best part? These pro tips come from some of the city’s best designers and decorators, meaning your home can look luxe without breaking the bank.

Designer Tip #1: Paint an accent wall

With a little paint and an hour or two of your time, it’s easy to integrate an accent wall. Accent walls add an instant focal point to a room, while creating an added dimension to your space. Just be careful when selecting a color—you want to make sure the accent wall flows with the rest of the room. So, for example, if your room is all cool tones, be sure to choose a cool tone for the accent wall. If it’s warm tones? Focus on a warmer accent wall.

Designer Tip #2: Build a side table from simple storage pieces

Low-cost modular storage pieces can easily be stacked together to create a custom side table. Use as many as you need to create the right height and width—each unit acts as its own “cubbie” creating instant dimension for a visually appealing finished product that’s incredibly functional. 

Designer Tip #3: Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way to make a statement while showing off your favorite people, places and moments. Whether you opt for a geometric cluster or play with different formats and layouts, there’s no “right” way to hang a gallery wall. An easy way to get started, though? Start with three or four frames hung in the middle of your wall, all at the same height. From this “base,” hang the remaining pictures and frames and play with layouts until something syncs with your space.

Designer Tip  #4: Frame something unexpected

Whether it’s a brightly-colored mitten, fabric swatch, vinyl, plate or another unexpected piece, consider framing something unexpected, then clustering and displaying in your home. Simply affix the object—ideally something flatter—to a piece of felt, then frame. Like a gallery wall, this creates an instant focal point while lending a pop of color to a room. And because you’re choosing something unexpected, this is a great way to show off your family’s unique personality.

Designer Tip #5: Fake a backsplash

A removable backsplash is a simple, low-cost project that adds a lot of personality to a kitchen—and is completely doable, even if you rent. Removable tile stickers, oil-based paint markers and stencils, fabric and temporary wallpaper can all be used to create a stunning custom finish, that’s easy to take down or paint over if and when you want or need to.

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