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Tribeca Project

Bedroom Ceramic Sculpture:

“Umazamo” ceramic collection by Chantel Woodman & Sharief Edwards


Bedroom Coexist Daybed:

The Coexist Daybed consists of a black steel frame, with a brass cube at one end, and a nero marquina marble cube at the other end holding the frame in place. Using balance and delicate harmony of materials meeting, the piece holds space in suspension through the daring move that turns the brass cube on its finest edge. The pieces fit together seamlessly, with the marble cube holding up one end of the piece, and the brass cube notched into place on its knife-edge in suspension. There is no hardware used to hold the piece together, rather precision fitting and engineering allows for the parts to rely upon one another to exist – hence Coexist. The mattress is upholstered with Karakorum Italian bouclé wool in Ivory.


Polished Marble Cube | Black Steel Frame | Brushed Brass Cube | Boucle Wool


Entryway Continuous Bench by Atelier FM:

Balancing the richness and contrast of materials, each sculptural piece incorporates rectilinear, modernist lines that travel beyond inspection, achieving a simplicity that both entices and relents the human gaze.


Polished Solid Brass | Black Leather


Kitchen Dining Chair by Coleman

Leg Finishes:

Available upholstered, Rosewood, Ebony or Walnut veneer, Wengé stain, lacquer in all RAL colors, in matte or gloss

Metal Details:

Brass, Nickel or Copper in polished or brushed

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